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I am a bit of a cheap guy here, riding on other peoples efforts. Basically I have two families, the one I was born into in Sweden and one I have moved into in Norway. The first one indicates some work on my parents side, the second one I had something to do with, but Reidun had already done most of the hard work of giving birth to three kids. I just jumped on the family wagon.


My Norwegian family consists of Reidun, Julianne, Jonathan and Espen. Julianne is a bit older then her brothers (just as I am older then my sisters) and have left home (and Norway, now residing in England). Jonathan and Espen have a few more years to go (I hope) before they leave.


My Swedish family consists of my parents, Erik (now passed on) and Lena, and my sisters, Marianne and Inger. I was the first and only child for six years and I really believe I got spoilt during this period. Being the oldest kid (and only boy) gave me some advantages....


Both Marianne and Inger have a good man in their lives and both also have two children. I stand to be the exception, but as stated above (but not so literally) I am a lazy bastard.




I have a really easy way to handle this, my work is also my biggest interest. Well, I’m a geek so I am generally interested in a lot of nerdy things with technical gadgets etc, so it kind of depends how you define work. I can’t say that it always is what I get paid for that drives me, but I spend an indecent amount of time together with my computer, that is for sure, and that is what makes me interesting to work with in the long run...


This in combination with trying to see other parts of the world is most important to me. Thanks to Reiduns most generous support I have been able to combine my urge to travel with my biggest interest and work in a few different places.


Reidun and I both enjoy warm weather and sunshine so we have had quite a few vacations down in Spain together, down on Costa Blanca in the Torrevieja area. When I get older and more gray then I already am, this is where I plan to spend most of my time. We have also done some more traveling together, and have been to quite a few countries throughout Europe as well as the US, China, Malaysia and Brazil.


Through my work I started travel a lot within Sweden quite early in my career, but in periods I seem to spend a lot of time in more distant places. In early 2000 I have been based in the UK in a project spanning over England, Germany and Sweden. 2005-2006 I have spent in China, mostly in Guangzhou and Shanghai, 2007 in Brazil based in Sao Paulo, but my customers customer was based in Rio de Janeiro so I was there on a few trips as well. After a 5 year period in Sweden, I spent 7 months in Madrid, Spain. Currently I am based in Sweden.


Again I must express my appreciation and love to Reidun that accept (but don't particularly enjoy) that I spend anything between 250 and 300 days away from home in a year. She also comes and visits me on a regularly basis no matter if I am in Sweden, China or somewhere else and I am truly grateful for this.


I have a network of nice people that I have met through out my years in different situations spanning from schools, scouting, military service and work. I am looking forward to retirement as this will make it possible for me to travel and visit everyone in different parts of the world (yes, it is a promise (as well as a threat)).


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